Welcome to

Diamond Excursions Ladies Edition

Welcome to

Diamond Excursions Ladies Edition

Who We Are...

A safe, drama free environment where women can come together to fellowship, relax, and have fun. Events will include ladies night out, luncheons, traveling and community service. Women that can meet each other where they are. We strive to support, encourage, communicate and interact with each other (in love).

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Shine A Diamond!

We're All About Uplifting One Another!

“Shine a Diam 💎nd,” is gifting from one to another to help encourage, motivate, and uplift each other. It is a random, selfless thought that are left at members doors, mail to them, sent through cashapp, and/or delivered by a courier. Either way, we count it all Blessed! We have several ways to “Shine,” members. They are as following: Cash Shine/Baby Shine/Pet Shine/Grocery/Shine/Shot Shine/Birthday Shine/Shine a Diamond 


Spreading Love In All Communities!


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Call (601) 501-7276 / Fax (601) 340-5756

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